Pizzicletta: Just What I expected


I just came back from a long road trip through the West Coast. It was basically a one-month-trip. I saw so many natural landscapes, so many national parks, so many tourist attractions that the more I saw, the less excited I was. Yelp helped me pick every restaurant I went to, and none of them disappointed me 🙂

I honestly don’t know which place I should write about now. Oh wait, I just had pizza today. Maybe I should talk about my favorite pizza on the trip.

When I travel, I don’t want pizza as comfort food. I can get it next to my house in NYC. Why go far and have something you can get right at home. The only type of pizza I love to get on any trip is wood-fired. There is one place I tried in Flagstaff that I will never forget: Pizzicletta.


  • Where I went: Pizzicletta, 203 W Phoenix Ave, Flagstaff, AZ
  • What I tried: Margherita, Amare oi Mari, and Special pizzas.
  • How I felt:
    • This place is small. There wasn’t much seating indoors and just a few more outdoors. I came at 5pm so it was pretty much empty, but I can imagine at night; people have to wait to be seated. You can also watch how they make pizzas in front of you.



  • The menu has literally only 6 options for pizza and one of them is a seasonal special. I was actually impressed with this menu. It’s short and perfect for someone who usually gets overwhelming easily with too many choices as I do.


  • I got warm olives as an appetizer. Yeah, the word “warm” sounded interesting to me. The olives were really good. They were salty, sour, spicy, chewy and warm of course. I highly recommend the olives if anyone wants to try this place.



  • And the pizzas, oh my, I’m not sure if these were the best pizzas I’ve ever tried but they were definitely amazing!!! The crusts were perfect, crispy outside and chewy inside. The sauce and cheese were simple but nicely done. I can’t pick which one is my favorite because they were all delicious!






  • I got the house-made gelato for dessert. There were a few flavors and I picked olive oil and chocolate sea salt. The olive oil flavor was strange but so delicious!! It tasted like, I don’t know, vanilla mixed with sugar. It doesn’t sound right, but trust me, it was good. The chocolate flavor was no surprise. Just normal chocolate, and a bit salty. They called these gelatos but they were very creamy, better than ice cream.


These pizzas are one of the reasons I loved Flagstaff. Flagstaff has a lot of cool things, so much so that I want to go back there again!


The World’s Fare


Last weekend I had a chance to go to The World’s Fare which was basically a food festival.

“The World’s Fare is a grand celebration of equality and the diversity of New York City paying homage to the great Fair of 1964.” They claimed on the website that there would be 100+ food vendors from different countries. I wasn’t sure if there were exactly 100+ vendors but it was the biggest food festival I’ve ever been to.

The general admission ticket was $20 if you bought early. I was naïve, assuming that the price wouldn’t change so I wasn’t rushing. About 2 weeks before the festival, I decided to buy the tickets and, well, it was already $30 at that time… 1 week later, the price went up to $45/ticket. Lesson learned, you can’t wait for food!

They also had unlimited beer tasting or whatever which you pay about $10 more but I skipped it because I don’t drink.

The World’s Fare was held in Citi Field, which is a big stadium in Queens, NY. They used the parking lots to hold the festival.

Honestly, I didn’t expect much from this festival because I felt like I paid too much for just the entrance ticket. After spending time there, I told myself that I was so glad that I was there, and I really hope they will have this event every year from now on.


The Fare was very organized. They separated the continents with different placard colors such as blue for Europe, red for Asia, purple for Africa and green for North and South America. All the countries’ names were the same font and clear. Whenever my piggy husband and I got lost, we just called the other and said the color and country we were at, we could find each other easily!

Now it’s time for the main reason we were there: food! We were really overwhelmed with the choices here because there were too many vendors. We walked by every vendor at the beginning to pick which one looked interesting and we still had to go through the process again because everything looked great.



The first food we got to try was Arepas from Columbia. I’ve heard about arepas for a long time but never had a chance to try. That’s why when I saw them, I decided to get one right away. There were a few options that you could choose, with cheese or meat fillings. We picked the one with cheese because we knew we would have a lot of meat from other vendors later. You could also pick either a plain arepa or a cheese arepa, since we got the cheese filling, we decide to get the plain arepa. And it tasted very delicious. This is probably one of my favorite food made from cornmeal. I even bought a bag of arepa flour the next day with the desire to attempt to make my own arepas at home.

Our second choice was Indian food. There were 2 vendors selling Indian food. One was Dosa with a lot of filling options. The other was Indian Tacos. We got both to try.


  • At the dosa’s vendor, we got an Onion Marsala Dosa. It was my first time having dosa, I just knew it was a type of crepe and I thought I would get onion cooked in marsala sauce and it would be spread inside the dosa. It came out more different than I expected. There were 3 sauces but I had no idea which one was which. The dosa was big with fresh diced red onion inside. It didn’t impress me much as I predicted it to be like that, a hard crepe. The sauces were amazing! They were full of different spices, especially ginger which I enjoyed so much.


  • We got a chicken tikka taco to try at the Taco’s vendor. At first, we assumed that the taco would be normal because we had chicken tikka marsala in Indian restaurants so many times and what could make it different in a tortilla? Well, we were wrong. It was one of the best tacos we’ve ever had. It didn’t taste like a traditional curry we usually get. It was so tasty but still have the tikka marsala signature flavor. From something we didn’t expect much to an unforgettable experience, we were totally satisfied.


The third vendor we tried was Dominican Roast Pork. The pork was very juicy and flavorful. The skin wasn’t crispy, it was chewy, I prefer it that way. They put a type of bread at the bottom. The bread was flavorless by itself but when the fat from the pork dripped through the bread, it was a great combination. Leave the diet behind, I need to finish the pork first!


Omg, this vendor from Nigeria was amazing!!!! We picked Lam Suya, we had no idea what it was. We just knew it was grilled meat and we never tried Nigerian food before. We couldn’t believe how tasty it was. The lamb was covered in a thick layer of spices. It was salty and spicy and, I don’t know–flavorful. The meat itself was soft and moist. It was just addictive! We believe we need to have more Nigerian food in our lives.


A small break from having meat, we had Lobster Roll after the Lamb Suya. There were actually 2 vendors selling lobster rolls, one from Maine and one from the USA (that’s what they wrote on the placard). We picked the one whose placard said USA because they were extremely generous giving out lobster rolls and octopus rolls for sampling! Everyone knows lobster rolls are not cheap and they cut huge pieces for people to try. What also made this vendor great was they used pretzel buns!!! I love pretzel buns, they go well with everything. Back to the lobster roll, it was delicious, there were a lot of lobsters too.


I always miss satay so when I saw satay at the festival, I must get it. There were 2 vendors next to each other selling satays. I had a hard time picking which one I should get because they all looked good. One vendor was Malaysian satay and the other was Indonesian satay. I decided to go with the Indonesian one because satay is originally from Indonesia. I got beef satay because it’s rare to find beef satay here, most restaurants serve chicken satay. The satay was excellent!!! Maybe I haven’t had satay for a long time. I felt it was extra yummy! The flavor was wonderful. The peanut sauce was great.


I also got some rice balls from this vendor. I think they were like mochis but with sugar filling and covered in coconut flakes. I’m a mochi fan so of course, I liked this little snack. The coconut flakes were not sweet thank god, the sugar filling was sweet enough.


The last main dish we had was Paella!!! They had only 2 options for paella: rabbit and chicken paella or seafood paella. They sold out all the rabbit and chicken paella and there was just a little bit of seafood paella left. The seafood paella was very delightful, and they put a lot of seafood as well.


Finally, it’s time for desserts!!! I’ve had the Indonesian Steamed Cakes in my mind since I saw them at the beginning. They looked very interesting. There were 3 kinds of steamed cakes: java cakes with brown sugar and coconut flakes, pandan cakes, and cassava cakes. I got the first one because of the good-looking decoration. They burned the sugar on top of the cake, similar to glazing crème brulee. The cake was light and just had a good amount of sweetness that made it enjoyable.


I also got a Cream Puff to go because I love this type of cream puff so much. There were a few flavors and the Jasmine Milk Tea one got me. I didn’t get bubble tea during the fair because I was saving room for food. That’s why when I saw this flavor, I told myself I must get it. The cream puff tasted much better than I expected. The jasmine aroma was strong and the cream wasn’t too sugary. I wish I had got more cream puffs to go.


They gave ginger beer out for free which was very nice! The ginger beer was really good, I’m considering that I should buy it from Whole Food.





Besides the food, there were also some activities that you could enjoy while eating. In my opinion, the highlight of this festival was actually the Sumo Wrestling. I never watched sumo wrestling before so I was so excited to watch it. The big guy is a champion sumo wrestler from Japan. He was double the size of the other guy. The fight between those two was really fun and amusing. I think the sumo wrestling itself was already worth the tickets here.


There were some art paintings that also looked entertaining. I didn’t stay long enough to see the finished pictures, but they were great for sure.




Overall, as I said earlier, I would go again if they have this festival next year. I didn’t feel heavy after having all the food above, the food wasn’t greasy at all. I still regret that I didn’t have enough room to try more food. There were Bratwurst from Germany, Egg Tarts from Portugal, Lebanese food, Korean Baos, and so on, that I wanted to try. Well, next time!

The Baboon House – A burger house that caught my eye


Burgers rarely come to mind—for me—when trying food in different countries, but The Baboon House got me.

Before I fell in love with this place, I was having a hot-as-usual-day in Malacca, aka Melaka. I prefer calling it Malacca because it just sounds better to me.

Malacca is a gorgeous peaceful town that reminds me so much of Hoi An, Vietnam. The difference is there are basically no motorbikes, just a few cars and some people walking around. I’ve been to Malacca twice and I would still go there again if I had the chance. Maybe I’ve been living in cities for so long that I admire “the sound of silence.” Malacca is quiet but lively, unlike some dead towns I’ve been to in America. Malacca has its own attraction. From historical museums and ancient houses, to the beautiful river along the town, from little cafés and restaurants to the food market, how can I get tired of Malacca?

I picked this place to have lunch because of an attractive looking photo of a burger on TripAdvisor. Yeah, it’s not a McDonald’s advertisement, it’s the real deal!

The Baboon House is literally an old house in the style of a Nyonya household. From the outside, you can only see the sign and a closed-door that requires you to ring a bell to go inside. What are they trying to hide? Some cows for burgers? Every table and chair in the house has a different design, but they all create a simple and relaxed feeling. The house receives direct sunlight to the open-air interior which is a great idea for electric savings! I think the owners are German, or at least they were the ones serving food when we were back there. If you need to go to the bathroom, you can also enjoy a little garden next to it which is fun. I didn’t take any photos of the decoration around there but you can find them on Google.

  • Where I went: The Baboon House No. 89 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Malacca, Malaysia.
  • What I tried: Baboon Special Burger, Lemongrass drink, and some juices.
  • How I felt:


  • They have a few options for burgers such as a normal beef burger, a pork burger, a chicken burger, a lamb burger and something else. When it comes to burgers, I always go with beef, everything else for me is a sandwich, not a burger. Maybe I’m too traditional. Anyway, the reason why I chose the Special Burger is because it had pineapple. You can see the pineapple under the top bun in the photo which is obviously not traditional.
  • I must say the pineapple impressed me. It wasn’t just fresh pineapple that people throw on a pizza and make a lot of people hate that style because they think it’s weird. It was grilled pineapple that went so well with the burger and made me taste the sweetness.
  • Everything else was good but were they special? I would say no, good is enough. Maybe the buns were somewhat great because they were homemade.
  • Another food that caught my eye were the potato wedges. I would say I prefer potato wedges to French fries. I just enjoy the crispiness of the wedges more than some little sticks. This place made very delicious potato wedges!
  • I highly recommend the Lemongrass drink at this place. I think it was sweet lemonade cooked with lemongrass which was perfect for a hot day in Malacca. The lemongrass smell and taste were very strong. I miss this drink!


The only thing I don’t like about Malacca is everywhere closes before 6pm. There was a time that I had to go to the Hard Rock for dinner because it was 7pm and nothing was opened except the Hard Rock. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop me from loving Malacca, I would still go back there!

Gapet – If you want some chicken satay in Bali


When I was working as a tour guide back in Saigon, I usually asked my customers where they liked to travel most. Basically, 90% of my Australian customers said the same place, Bali. I think that’s how I got to know how famous Bali is to Australian tourists. In my mind at that time, I already added Bali to my destination goals. I wanted to know what made it so loveable!

Time passed, my piggy husband and I finally had a chance to set foot in Bali right before I went to the US. It was the last place in our South East Asia trip. After spending time there, I must say Bali is awesome!!! From food to customer service to landscapes, I couldn’t complain about anything. We stayed in Seminyak, which is downtown Bali for a few days and then moved to Ubud for the rest of the trip. Honestly, I enjoyed both places. Each place has its own highlights.

I would say Seminyak has more activities to do, especially if you love water skiing. The waves here are insane, which was the reason why we didn’t even think of going to the beach. Also, we had enough of beaches in the Philippines before we came to Bali. Ubud is better for relaxing, as it’s in a mountainous area where there are fewer tourists than Seminyak. We were too tired to keep exploring so Ubud was perfect for us. We got a great hotel in a quiet area just to enjoy a few last days of a long trip. If I go back to Bali, we would definitely spend more time here, also go to some nearby islands.


Back to the food in Bali, which is the main topic.  We will never forget this place – Gapet. When we were there, it was—I think—in the top 10 Tripadvisor for local cuisine. I didn’t know much about Indonesian cuisine as there are basically no Indonesian restaurants in Saigon. All I knew was just satay. I believe satay is originally from Indonesia even though it’s also popular in a lot of countries. Anyway, the first type of food we wanted to try in Bali was, obviously, satay. And again, I picked Gapet as it had a lot of good reviews on Tripadvisor and the location was right off the main street where the nightlife is.

  • Where I went: Gapet – Jl. Kayu Aya, Oberoi | Kayu Aya Village, Seminyak 80361. Believe it or not, it took us a while to find the restaurant. We went around the back of the square because it was a little bit confusing. There were a few restaurants in one big plaza.


  • What I tried: Chicken Satay, Bumbu Bali Roasted Duck or Rica-Rica Roasted Duck. I honestly don’t remember which one I got exactly but either of them.
  • How I felt:


I’ve tried chicken satay in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore and I would say the one in Gapet was the best satay I’ve had. The marinade was just perfect, a bit salty, sweet and nutty, I just couldn’t get enough of it. The chicken was soft and moist, the meat melted in my mouth.


I had a hard time picking which kind of duck dish that I should order. Everything on the menu sounded great to me. I’m just a huge fan of duck rather than chicken, I guess it’s because I grew up with my mom’s duck dishes. As I said earlier, I don’t remember if I got Bumbu or Rica-Rica Roasted Duck but I believe either one is delicious. The duck here was crispy on the outside and not too fatty on the inside which I really liked. It’s hard to describe the sauce on top, it was special or it’s just a local way to make the sauce. Anyway, the sauce went well with the duck. The shallot side came with it was good, but I didn’t like the green vegetable much.

The service here was great. Believe it or not, the manager here remembered us. So, we came here the first day we arrived in Bali and a week later, we decided to eat here one more time before we left Bali. The manager offered us a dessert because he remembered us!!! That was so sweet! The dessert was very nice, there was a brownie at the bottom of the cup and vanilla ice cream on top.

I will never forget this restaurant and probably come back again if I go to Bali. From the food to service, I left with a great impression.

Liman – A Great Choice For A Seafood Dinner


In Southern Brooklyn, there is a famous street full of restaurants. It always gets busy on the weekends – Emmons Avenue. Another reason why the street attracts people is the location.  It is right next to a canal and there are a lot of beautiful swans living on the canal. Isn’t it nice that after having a great dinner and you can take a walk by the canal, watch some swans and enjoy the fresh air (maybe).  I live close by, so I pretty much always have the opportunity to go there. I’ve tried quite a few of the restaurants there and I have one favorite place among all the other ones that I want to share today, Liman.

  • Where I went: Liman, 2710 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY. I picked Liman as my first restaurant to try on Emmons Avenue because of its fame – fresh seafood.
  • What I tried: Fried Calamari, Stuffed Mussels, Royal Durado, Salmon Special, Baked Rice Pudding and Kunefe.
  • How I felt:


  • Fried Calamari: Whenever I see fried calamari in the menu, I always get it. I think that’s the best way to prepare squid. I make a few homemade squid dishes sometimes, but they don’t satisfy me as much as fried calamari does. So, one thing I noticed when I came here was how in Italian restaurants, calamari will be served with marinara sauce, which I always say in my mind “Nah, I would rather ketchup.” Maybe I’m strange, but I can’t really enjoy calamari with marinara. I do like marinara sauce, yes, in pasta and chicken parmesan. I personally love how Turkish restaurants serve calamari with garlic sauce. I think the sauce is a combination of mayonnaise, garlic, lemon juice, maybe sour cream, but it makes my dish perfect! The squid in Liman was very fresh. It was so soft that it almost melted in my mouth. Honestly, I came here for the fish, but I enjoyed the calamari more!


  • Stuffed Mussels: I didn’t like the mussels much. They were stuffed with pine nuts, rice and currants. The rice was still a bit hard for my taste, the pine nuts and currants were barely noticeable.


  • Royal Durado: They call it durado but google says dorado. Anyway, they had 2 options. You can get a fillet or a whole grilled fish. I picked the later. The waiter brought it out and asked me if I wanted to get the bones removed. Of course, I said yes, isn’t that easier for me? So, he got a stand out and started removing the fish bones. Trust me, it was very fun watching him do it. He made it look like an art. After a few minutes, my fish was ready! The meat of this fish was pretty thick and flavorful which I did enjoy. I still found some small bones around but that’s normal for small fish. I even find bones in salmon fillet sometimes.


  • Salmon Special: I highly recommend the salmon dish. At first, I thought it’s normal because salmon is basically an easy home cooked dish. The salmon here was very moist and tasty! What also made it shine was the smoked eggplant puree at the bottom. The eggplant was creamy, and it went so well with the salmon!


  • Baked Rice Pudding and Kunefe: They are both famous Turkish desserts. The rice pudding was nice, but I had it in several different places, so it was no surprise for me. The kunefe was amazing! It was my first time trying kunefe. It was made of phyllo dough, cooked in sugar and filled with cheese. Doesn’t sound healthy at all right? But who cares? All I knew was it’s very addictive thanks to the sugar and cheese 🙂


Next time, I will try to go to Liman again but for an early dinner, they also have a great dining area outdoor by the canal.

Kimchi-Korean Restaurant: Great Korean Food in SC


What to eat during the winter? My first choice would be Korean food!

In Saigon, Korean food has had a significant impact on young people’s food preferences. Even though the weather is hot in Saigon, Korean food is still, probably, the 2nd or 3rd most popular choice after Vietnamese food when hanging out with friends. So, why is it so popular in Saigon? (I’ve never been to Hanoi so I’m not sure if it’s also as widespread as in Saigon)

From my experience, the idea of popularity of Korean food came from Korean pop culture. I remember when I was in high school, I used to love K-Pop and movies as well as shows. Almost all the girls my age were the same. We would discuss the singers and actors/actresses. That’s how I got to know kimchi and tteokbokki. They are basically street foods in Korea, and every single show I watched always referenced them. In Saigon, they are considered restaurant food.

There are 2 types of Korean foods in Saigon. One is priced for and caters to students. Its cheap and its usually open well past midnight.  The other is a bit more expensive and upscale. I would say I enjoy both. The cheaper one has a lot of varieties with reasonable prices for students. I used to go to those restaurants all the time when I was in college. The other one is very enjoyable because you get to bbq right on the table with tons of banchans! Sometimes the staff will help you grill the food, sometimes you do it on your own. I really miss these restaurants in Saigon. Where I live now, in NYC, somehow doesn’t have any good and cheap Korean food. I tried the most famous and affordable place in Manhattan and honestly, it sucked, and wasn’t cheap! If you want to do Korean bbq at your table, it would be ridiculously expensive. I haven’t tried it in NYC yet, mostly because I’m kinda cheap.

Anyway, my piggy husband and I had a road trip this summer to a few states and I had a chance to stop in Columbus, South Carolina for a day. Columbus is a nice college town and it has a lot of interesting food choices. When we were there, it was raining, and I just suddenly carved some Korean food. I took a quick look on yelp. There were a few Korean restaurants around and I picked one that wasn’t too far from our hotel, and also had very good reviews.

The restaurant was in one of several small strip malls along the road.  We almost passed it because it wasn’t a very clear night and all the strip malls looked virtually identical. Nevertheless, I still remember how authentic it was to me. There were 2 women who served food in the restaurant. I believed they are both Korean because there was a Korean tv show on the tv when we were there. They were very nice and friendly. They always make sure we enjoyed everything. And we did!


  • Where I went: Kimchi-Korean Restaurant, 807 Decker Blvd, Ste 6, Columbia, SC.
  • What I tried: Kimchi stew, Kalbi (beef short ribs), Buckwheat noodles with spicy sauce, Spicy pork and pork bone soup. I know that’s a lot of food, but I just missed Korean food so much.
  • How I felt:  Every single dish was delicious!!! What I enjoyed most was all the banchans. There were 9 banchans on the table as you can see from the picture. They were unlimited. I loved the seaweed and cucumber salad so much that I asked for refills 2 or 3 times. Kalbi is a must here; the meat was marinated perfectly and it had a nice grilled flavor. Pork bone soup was good, but it was pretty much a kimchi stew. The spicy pork was great but they put too much meat (is it really bad? Of course not!). Personally, I thought that the Kalbi was the best and the second best would be the buckwheat noodles with spicy sauce. I had always gotten the buckwheat noodles when I was in Saigon. The noodles were served with ice to make it cold. There were a lot of veggies in the noodles. It’s hard to explain how good it is. I can say one word – smooth. Everything in the bowl goes very well together. Once I started eating, I couldn’t stop. Even though it was supposed to go with spicy sauce, it wasn’t spicy at all.

25344998728_6f72d0a2b7_kKimchi Stew – Hot, Spicy, Perfect for winter

25344999398_1fa50df40b_kSpicy Pork – I usually make it at home but whenever I’m at a Korean restaurant, I always get it

25345000608_795aca930c_kKalbi – Marinated beef short ribs – A must!!!

25345001728_d43df18568_kPork bone soup – It’s fun to try but the soup is similar to kimchi stew

27434670679_09dbe2a54c_kBuckwheat noodles with spicy sauce – Healthy and delicious, I do recommend this dish!!!

I would come back here to try more food. The price is very reasonable. I wish I could find a place like this in NYC!!!





All Caribbean West Indian Take Out Restaurant: A memory of Caribbean food


This time I’m gonna take you guys to one of my favorite places not too far from NYC – Pocono Mountain. Mt. Pocono is a great tourist destination because of the fresh air, the beautiful nature and the great distance. It usually takes us about 2hrs to get there. If you drive from NYC, you will probably pass the Delaware Water Gap which is an extremely satisfying sight-seeing stop. One side river and one side mountains. Don’t forget to grab some snacks at WaWa around there, sorry, I just love WaWa so much.

What to do in Pocono? I would say enjoy the weather, food and movies. As soon as you arrive in Pocono, open the car window and you can smell the fresh air coming from all the pine trees around. The smell is always fresh in my mind. I can literally feel that smell right now when I think of Pocono. If you go there in the summer, the weather would be great with a bit of rain. Sometimes it’s so foggy that you can’t see anything more than 1ft in front of you. In winter, it’s harsh but there are a lot of great activity you can do here – e.g. SnowTubing. Basically, you slide down the snow hill on a tube, which is very fun and cold! Of course, there are more things to do here but I enjoy walking to a lake or jogging around.


There aren’t many food choices here, but every place has its own style. My favorite place to eat when it comes to food in Pocono is All Caribbean West Indian Take Out Restaurant. I still remember the first time I went there because I never had Caribbean food before. It was close to my place in the Poconos. There was a young lady who took my order and her mom prepared the food. The young lady asked if it was our first time here, we said yes, and she gave us 2 samples of food which they still had at that time to try. The food was so delicious that we ordered both to go. She also offered us 2 free cokes as part of being our first-time. That was sweet, but we were more curious about the Jamaican Ginger Beer in the fridge. She then gave a discount on that beer! Seriously, where else can you find hospitality this great?

The movies, well, I think I will talk about it in another post 🙂


  • Where I went: All Caribbean West Indian Take Out Restaurant, 1245 Pocono Blvd, Mount Pocono, PA.
  • What I tried: Chicken Curry – $10/Small, Braised Beef Short Ribs – $15.5/Small and Jamaican Ginger Beer – $3 I think.
  • How I felt: The food was AMAZING!!! There was rice mixed with beans, cabbages, plantains and meat in every portion. That was also my first time trying plantains and they were so good that I usually buy fresh plantains to make them at home now. For the chicken curry, there were 4 huge pieces of chicken thighs and legs, it was enough for 2 people for sure. The meat was moist and tender with a great curry sauce. I just couldn’t get enough of it. The beef short ribs were excellent, meat was soft and tasty. They reminded me a bit of Korean short ribs. I honestly can’t pick which one was better because they are both delightful and different. And the ginger beer was ok, I’m not a fan of beer or ginger drinks so maybe I’m biased. It was still fun to try as you rarely see something like that around.


This post brings back so many memories of Pocono because I’ve been there quite a few times. For anyone who ever will go there, I do recommend that Caribbean place. It is located next to a laundry shop and it’s very small so drive slowly when you get close.